Ural Federal University: University Lyceum Receives Additional Financial Support

Almost 560 million rubles will be additionally allocated from the federal budget to support specialized educational and research centers for gifted children. The decree on distribution of these funds was signed by the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin.

290 million rubles of this amount will go to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, which will finance the education and research centers at Ural Federal University and Novosibirsk National Research University.

“These funds, in accordance with the intended purpose, will be used to ensure the implementation of educational programs of basic general and secondary general education in the Specialized Education and Research Center, in particular, the study of subjects at the advanced and specialized levels, in particular, the material and technical support and teachers’ salaries,” noted in the Ural Federal University Specialized Education and Research Center.

As a reminder, in February the Ural Federal University Specialized Education and Research Center became one of four Russian education and research centers that are fully funded from the federal budget. The state undertook all the costs of accommodation and meals for the students, whose parents are not always able to provide accommodation for their children in large cities.