Ural Federal University: University Lyceum Students Became the Best Chemists of Russia

In the final stage of the interregional chemistry tournament, the Kitchen team – the team of the Ural Federal University and Gymnasium No. 9 – won first place and won the cup. The intellectual competition was held from January 29 to February 2 in an online format.

The Kitchen team won by solving a practical problem: the students had to find out the effect of different types of natural water from rivers, lakes and seas on a cell phone.

The main feature of the tournament is that the problems are unsolved, that is, in contrast to the Olympiad problems, they do not have a pre-conceived solution (and for some problems the author himself does not know the solution and whether it exists at all).

The Vitulus marinus team from Lyceum No. 130 also won a diploma of II degree.

Students from Ekaterinburg became champions of the tournament for the second year in a row. Now the Ural students will represent Russia at the international level in the International Chemistry Tournament, which is held in August 2022 in Hungary.

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