Ural Federal University: University Professor Participated in Conference on Strength Problems

An international conference “Actual Problems of Strength” was held in Ekaterinburg, one of the organizers of which was the Ural Federal University. Over 200 participants discussed the current state of research in the field of the strength sciences. The conference was held in a hybrid format – an online broadcast was organized on the portal of UrFU.

The program consisted of six sections in the following areas: physics of strength and plasticity; physical metallurgy; physical mechanics of materials; metallurgy and chemistry of materials; structure and strength of rocks; material science of biological materials and fabrics.

Victor Grokhovskiy, professor of the Department of Physical Techniques and Devices for Quality Control of the UrFU Institute of Physics and Technology, took part in the conference. The topic of his report was “Strength of Meteorites and Asteroidal Safety Problems”. In his turn, Pyotr Panfilov, Professor of the Department of Condensed Matter Physics and Nanoscale Systems, became the Chairman of the program committee of the conference.

Materials of the conference will be presented on the portals of Ural State Mining University, Ural Federal University and on the International Space Station’s website.

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