Ural Federal University: University Project Won in Global CIO Community Contest

The Ural Federal University’s project to build computer networks in student dormitories won the prestigious IT competition “Project of the Year” organized by the all-Russian expert community Global CIO in the category “Best Industry Solution in Education and Science”.

“We have been renovating networks in the dormitories since 2016. During this time, a completely new cable infrastructure for 2,800 rooms has been built in 10 student buildings, meeting all safety requirements, including fire safety,” the Directorate of Information Technology noted.

A distinctive feature of the project is a combination of basic free access for students, as well as the ability to connect to additional services of a commercial telecommunications operator. There can be several such operators, so there is no monopolization of services.

The technical solutions used in the implementation of the project were highly recognized by the expert community and brought the university a victory in the nomination. In total 339 projects participated in the competition, and in the Education/Science nomination UrFU’s competitors were National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (second winner in the nomination), Bauman Moscow State Technical University, HSE University, Russian State University for the Humanities, MIREA Russian Technological Technological University and others.

The university administration congratulated Maxim Zolotykh, the author of the technical solutions and head of the Division of Information and Telecommunications Infrastructure at UrFU, and his team on the victory.

The university will continue to develop networks in the dormitories. In particular, in the near future, in most of the dormitories of Ural Federal University a new communication operator will appear in addition to the existing facilities, and a new Gbit network will be put into operation in the dormitory at 71 Bolshakova Street.

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