Ural Federal University: University Ready to Start the Academic Year


The new academic year at Ural Federal University has almost started. On September 2, classes start. The university staff is completing all the preparations. For example, masks and antiseptics were checked due to an increase in the incidence of coronavirus.

“All of the buildings continue to have thermal imaging equipment at the entrances. Before the start of the year, we checked that all the antiseptic dispensers at the entrances to the buildings and in the toilets are working. We also have the necessary stock of protective equipment: 300 thousand masks and a ton of antiseptic,” said Dmitry Shevchenko, Deputy Vice-Rector for General Affairs.

In addition, 155 multimedia classrooms with hybrid learning capabilities were prepared for students. After modernization, a complex of classrooms was opened in the academic building at 5 Sofia Kovalevskaya Street, where students can use computers to access the Internet and print materials up to A1 format.

Other innovations this year include a free professional development program for students. Enrollment in the Digital Chair programs will continue through September 11. Those enrolled will be able to take a 9-month course and receive a professional development diploma.

Accommodation in the dormitories is almost complete. This year the university has prepared 7,481 places in 12 dormitories of Ural Federal University for non-resident and international students. The check-in process takes no more than three hours. If you carefully prepare all the necessary documents, the process can even be completed in an hour.

“During my freshman year, I was placed in the eighth dormitory because I had high grades and I was in the top of the ranking. The whole academic year I actively participated in extracurricular life, including in the joint council of the campus, so I stayed in this dormitory. The settlement process went smoothly and quickly, it only took me about 40 minutes to process all the documents,” said Alesya Popova, a second-year student of the Ural Institute of Humanities at UrFU.

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