Ural Federal University: University Received Highly Commended Conditions of Educational Activities

In 2021 the Ural Federal University passed an independent assessment of the quality of educational activities. According to the results of the study, the university confirmed the high quality of the organization of the educational process. Sergey Knyazev, Director of Academic Affairs, was responsible for organizing and conducting the inspection.

“438 educational institutions of higher education in Russia were evaluated. UrFU has once again confirmed the high standards of the educational process organization. This result is ensured by all the employees of our university. Everyone’s contribution is valuable. I thank the services and departments of the university for their well-coordinated work,” said Sergey Knyazev.

Educational institutions across the country were inspected by the Public Council for Independent Quality Assessment under the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. The university received maximum scores on almost all items. In the category of “Openness and accessibility of information about the organization” – 99.27%, comfortable conditions of study are recognized by 93.5%, in the field of accessibility for disabled people the university received the highest mark of 100%. Friendly and polite UrFU was 97%, and in the category of satisfaction with the conditions of educational activities was 94.4%.

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