Ural Federal University: University Retained Position in Shanghai Ranking

Ural Federal University retained its position in the new Shanghai ranking. Among Russian universities, UrFU is in the group from 6th to 9th place, ahead of many of the country’s leading universities.

The Shanghai ranking evaluates educational institutions according to six criteria: the number of alumni and Nobel or Fields Prize-winning employees, the number of highly cited researchers, articles in Nature and Science journals, as well as the citation indices of scientific articles and the academic output of the university in relation to the number of employees.

According to Victor Koksharov, the Rector of UrFU, the university is able to withstand the strongest competition due to the successful development of scientific research, including the implementation of advanced developments in industry, and the high publication activity of the university scientists.

“Over the past year we have made serious progress in publication activity, in particular, we equaled St. Petersburg State University in this indicator, although ten years ago we were lagging far behind in this aspect. Moreover, we managed to get two extra points for an article in Science. Every year the number and quality of publications by university scientists grows, which allows us to fulfill the most ambitious plans. Over the past year, we have achieved good results in scientific research, many of which are conducted with the world’s leading research and educational centers,” says Victor Koksharov.

According to the Rector, the university’s high position in the rankings shows that the chosen path of transformation and increasing competitiveness was the right one. The university scientists actively cooperate with the enterprises. This work makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the industry and solve the problem of import substitution, which is so urgent today. UrFU continues the comprehensive development of the Ural Region which is the most important priority for the university.

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