Ural Federal University: University Retains Leadership in Media Space

The Ural Federal University retained first place in the ranking of media activity of the universities subordinated to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia! The new list has been recently published by the Ministry. Since February 1, places in the ranking have been taken into account in the performance indicators of Russian universities.

In a study that takes into account media outreach, social media, and the Russian-language website, UrFU was in the lead in January and in the second half of last year.

“Feedback from our target audiences, expert opinions of our faculty and scholars on the most current topics are all a big part of our information policy. This is not the first time that the efforts of the Vice-Rector’s for Information Policy Unit have received such high praise, for which we are grateful to the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. Undoubtedly, our IT service, which ensures the portal’s operation, and the main characters of our news materials – students, lecturers, researchers, alumni and partners – also play a great role,” notes Victor Koksharov, Rector of UrFU.

February’s media ranking included 219 universities. The updated list did not take into account the university’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and video hosting platforms on YouTube.

“Rethinking platforms for delivering information and communicating with audiences is a challenge for us, but also a new opportunity. We are already reorienting to other platforms, and our task is not only not to lose the target audiences that are already in touch with the university, but also to establish interaction with new applicants and partners: the updated list of relevant accounts is available on the university portal,” says Aleksey Fayustov, Ural Federal University Vice-Rector for Information Policy.

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