Ural Federal University: University Scientists Ready to Change Mongolia’s Energy Sector

The study of the energy supply possibilities of Mongolia using small and medium capacity nuclear power plants along with the development of the concept of a hybrid solar-thermoelectric power plant for remote areas of the country have been included in the list of major cooperation projects between Ural Federal University and the Mongolian Academy of Sciences.

“Energy and ecology are two large and very important areas for us. I am sure that a series of regular online seminars on scientific topics will help us move to particular developments,” said Academician Dugeriin Regdel, president of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences.

According to Sergey Kortov, First Vice-Rector of the UrFU, the university has experience in researching processes in nuclear power facilities and is implementing a joint research program with State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom.

“In addition, it is worth paying attention to the university’s projects in the program of state support “Priority 2030″ primarily related to the direction of hydrogen energy. We are also ready to share our experience in creating and technologies for studying the natural balance in order to reduce the carbon footprint. Everything that is related to carbon-neutral energy, our researchers implement at the carbon polygon created in the region at the initiative of the university,” said Kortov.

The roadmap for cooperation between academic institutions in Mongolia and the UrFU also included the organization of meteorite expeditions to the Gobi Desert and research on “Polylingualism in Modern Mongolia: The Role of the Russian Language and Russian Reading”.

“You cannot change the world without changing yourself: that is why one of the directions is the humanities, it is associated with digital transformations that change the social structure of relationships and the psychological behavior of the individual,” Kortov added.

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