Ural Federal University: University Strengthened Position in Subject Rankings in Humanities and Arts

Ural Federal University is one of the world’s leading universities in the humanities and arts. Among the world’s universities, UrFU is in the 251-300 group in the Times Higher Education rankings published today.

“UrFU scientists have improved their result compared to last year’s study, when the university was ranked in the 301-400 group. The position in the ranking testifies to the high level of research conducted by scientists of the UrFU Institute of Humanities in collaboration with foreign researchers. Philologists, historians, philosophers, and art historians are the most active in this area,” said Victor Koksharov, Rector of UrFU.

In each of the areas of the rating, scientists of the university implement large-scale projects. For example, historians and philologists with the support of the Russian Science Foundation (RSF) are studying together with their colleagues from Britain the interaction of intellectuals and the political elite in Britain and Russia during the Age of Enlightenment. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the UrFU Toponymic Expedition, whose results are used by linguists around the world. Issues of comprehension of temporality and the experience of world wars by intellectual elites are being studied by philosophers from UrFU and research centers in Germany and Austria.

“Major international events held as part of the Ural Federal University International Convention, youth scientific schools, as well as the activities of international indexed journals published at the Ural Institute of Humanities at Ural Federal University have played a significant role in promoting the humanities,” said Elvira Symanyuk, Head of the UrFU Intitute of Humanities.

According to Symanyuk, the promotion in the ranking indicates the inclusion of Ural Federal University scientific research in the world agenda, adherence to international standards, as well as intensive scientific communication.

“All of this is essential for the development of both science and the educational process. We hope that recognition by the rating agency will attract foreign undergraduate and graduate students, strengthen the development of our scientific schools and allow us to achieve new results,” Symanyuk emphasized.

The presented rating of World University Rankings by subject: arts and humanities takes into account the development of the university in art history, linguistics, history, philosophy, archeology and architecture. The indicators are grouped into five groups: teaching, research, publication activity, internationalization, and innovation.

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