Ural Federal University: University Students Participated in BRICS Network University Summer School

The 3rd BRICS Network University Summer School “Macroeconomics and Business in BRICS Countries” has been held. It was organized by the Beijing Normal University Business School together with the School of Economics and Trade of Hunan University and the Henan University School of Economics.

“UrFU students regularly participate in practical and research projects on the BRICS topic, as we are members of the BRICS Network University. Projects are also implemented under bilateral agreements between BRICS universities,” said Zhanna Belyaeva, a member of the BRICS Network University International Economics Team.

School participants learned more about monetary policy in China, studied in detail the structure of the People’s Bank of China, and learned about the nuances of digital transformation in the country. Of particular interest was the econometric justification of the impact of the green economy on the labor market in China.

“During the School I met amazing people from different countries. Now I have a better understanding of the Chinese economy, as well as the influence of some factors on the business sphere. The acquired knowledge is useful and will help me further develop in the field of economy. These 10 days were special and very interesting for me,” said Anna Rozanova, a student of the International Economics and Business program at UrFU.