Ural Federal University: University Students Successfully Competed in Underwater Sport Competitions

International competition in underwater swimming (in the disciplines: finswimming, bi-fins swimming, apnoea finswimming, long diving) was held in St. Petersburg from 22 to 27 June. Athletes from Russia, Belarus, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan took part in the tournament. The swimmers fought for medals in 13 disciplines among men, women, juniors.

The members of the Ural Federal University underwater sport team also took part in the competition. They won nine medals. Merited Master of Sport Stepan Vorobyov took second place in the disciplines: apnoea diving (100 and 400 m), diving (50 m), and also third place in finswimming (100 m). International Master of Sports Aleksandr Khudyshkin took second place in the finswimming (400 and 800 m) and third place in the finswimming (200 m). Two more silver medals were brought by Master of Sports Daniil Vorobyov: in 100 m and 1,500 m fin swimming.

All-Russian competitions in men’s, women’s and juniors’ underwater sports were held in parallel with international competitions. Here also Stepan Vorobyov, Aleksandr Khudyshkin and Daniil Vorobyov managed to win ten gold, silver and bronze medals.

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