Ural Federal University: University students Take Part in Excavations of the Kalamita Fortress

Archaeological students of Ural Federal University are working in the ancient Byzantine fortress Kalamita. Researchers have already determined that the found buildings belong to the XV-XVI centuries. Most likely, these buildings were erected during the principality of Theodoro and functioned before the conquest of the region by the Ottoman Empire in 1475.

“Students from Ekaterinburg come to Chersonesus every year. The museum-reserve always gives us interesting objects to explore. Our students studied the necropolis, the city quarters, and this year we are digging in the territory of the Kalamita fortress. It helps children to get acquainted with different types of constructions and to receive versatile experience in archeology”, the docent of chair of history of the Ancient world and Middle Ages Natalia Zhigalova told to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” magazine.

As soon as work at this site is completed, researchers will proceed to the clearing of the excavation of 1937.

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