Ural Federal University: University Team Advances to the Finals of the World Championship in Programming

A team of students of the Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics of Ural Federal University took 16th place in the finals of the Northern Eurasia Programming Championship, which is also the semi-finals of the World Programming Championship.

According to the results of the competition the Ural FU: CheezeKEK team (Alexey Chizhov, Artem Tsepov, Kirill Reschke) made it to the final of the World Championship. The team managed to solve seven problems out of twelve (the maximum number of solved problems at the competition is nine).

A total of five teams from UrFU participated in the semifinals: the teams CheezeKEK, The Last Dance (Ivan Kogut, Semyon Trifochkin, Valentin Zuev) and ReFresh (Damir Bazeev, Ivan Sychev, Alexey Bykov) received 2nd degree diplomas. Team Raketa & 3 Deda ( Sergey Nikolaev, Vadim Barinov, Ivan Moskochenko) became 3rd degree prizewinner, the guys from Cucumber Juice 73 team (Ivan Nigmatullin, Konstantin Rychkov, Egor Khramov) entered the top 100 participants of the semifinal.

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