Ural Federal University: University Team Wins Silver at Professional Skills Championships

The Rostec State Corporation’s professional skills corporate championship was held in Moscow from July 23 to 29. A team of eight students from the Institute of New Materials and Technologies of Ural Federal University took second place.

The students from Ural Federal University competed in the Life Cycle Management (Program Management) competency. A total of five teams took part in the championship – representatives of various Rostec Corporation member companies and two teams from partner universities. Valentina Ovchinnikova and Olga Podolyak were the mentors of the participants from UrFU.

“It was the first championship of this level for me. It was really great! In a short period of time we managed to pull together and become a real team. We supported and helped each other. Since the amount of tasks under time constraints was large, the situation was tense, and sometimes we simply ran out of energy. However, everyone understood that the overall result depended on them, and tried to give their best. Our mentors were setting us up for the best, encouraging and did not lose faith in us. At the competition we were able to become a part of Rostec, to feel the full scale, power, energy and importance of the industry. We showed ourselves, looked at others, gained experience, pumped up our skills,” shared her impressions of the competition participant Ekaterina Minina.

Each team had to develop an innovative product in accordance with the customer’s requirements, taking into account all stages of the product life cycle: create a concept, prepare design documentation, develop production technology, describe and analyze the market, form the economic and investment profile of the project, develop a system of production organization, cooperation, staffing, as well as the system of disposal of the product after the end of its useful life.

Despite the young age of the participants, compared to other teams, the students of the UrFU showed good results as a result of the competition they were invited to participate in the All-Russian championship of professional skill Hi-Tech 2022 by standards of WorldSkills.

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