Ural Federal University: University Will Host Total Dictation Participants Again

This year the Total Dictation campaign will take place on April 9. A total of 17 sites will open on this day in Ekaterinburg, one of which will be the Ural Federal University. Participants will be able to sit in the Vladislav Krapivin classroom in the Ural Institute of Humanities of UrFU and write the text by Marina Stepnova under the dictation of First Vice-Rector Dmitry Bugrov.

“Total Dictation will be held in the classroom named after Krapivin – one of our most famous and major prose writers. The topic of this year’s dictation – the life of a teenage boy who enters adulthood. And such a text about growing up resonates with the works of Vladislav Krapivin, I think it is very symbolic,” said Anna Plotnikova, the Director of the Faculty of Philology.

In Ekaterinburg about 1000 people are expected to take part in the offline format, while others will be able to check their level of knowledge of Russian online. Registration for the Total Dictation will open on March 30 on the official website of the project.

“This year the author whose text will be read out is Marina Stepnova. Every year the organizers choose one of the modern writers, because Total Dictation is an event aimed not only at testing literacy, but also at popularizing modern Russian literature,” added Anna Plotnikova.

Works of participants will be traditionally tested by senior philology students, this is a long-standing successful practice of the university’s active participation in the Total Dictation.

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