Ural Federal University: University Will Participate in Creating an Educational Platform with VK and Skillbox

VK, Skillbox, and leading Russian universities, including UrFU, signed a memorandum on the development of online education and distance learning technologies in Russia. A key area of cooperation will be the development of an educational platform and increasing the accessibility of academic education. The signing took place at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

VK, Skillbox and universities as strategic partners will jointly launch an educational platform with online courses from leading Russian universities to develop modern hybrid and distance learning forms. As a result, users from all regions of Russia and the near abroad will have access to training materials. At the end of the training they will be able to receive certificates confirming the completion of the courses.

“VK has been developing online education for many years. The new platform will offer high-quality educational materials and programs from leading Russian universities. I am sure that such a modern format of education combined with verified content will be relevant for many users,” commented Vladimir Kirienko, VK CEO.

The educational platform will offer courses lasting from two weeks to three months. Users will be able to learn law, economics, management, history, sociology, and other disciplines remotely. The platform’s functionality implies a variety of content formats for students and wide opportunities for universities. Other Russian universities will also be able to join the platform: to do this it will be necessary to apply to place their educational content on the platform.

“The mission of the university is to provide the conditions for continuous learning opportunities, and online learning technologies are a necessary tool for achieving this humanistic goal. The education is no longer imaginable without online courses, virtual simulators, through which students learn the essence of the processes that take place in a particular production. We will do everything in order to make the opportunities offered by the university available to everyone. Cooperation between leading universities on the basis of the Skillbox platform will provide conditions for advanced training for the purposes of the digital economy,” said Victor Koksharov, Rector of UrFU.