Ural Federal University: University Will Teach Online Election Specialists

The Ural Institute of Humanities of Ural Federal University is recruiting its first master’s degree course in Political Technologies in the System of Interaction with Public Authorities.

“This is the political science of the “new wave”, the demand for such specialists is very high now. The field is actively developing, so the new reality needs new political scientists to work in the electoral commission, business, party headquarters. The world is expanding the influence of the online space, and right now there are very few specialists who can do Internet work,” Anna Gurarii, director of the Department of Political Science at Ural Federal University, told the Novy Den newspaper.

The program will provide students with practical skills and mastery of the latest technology and approaches, including online political work, like conducting propaganda on the internet. Students will be able to work and practice in the administration of the city, region, in election commissions or party headquarters.

The program has 14 budget-funded places. Prospective undergraduates should apply before August 4 to be admitted to the first course. This can be done in person, in the main building of the university on Mira, 19, or online through a personal account of the student. Then you need to take a computer-based testing with proctoring technology. The testing includes English, history, and a major block.

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