Ural Federal University: University Won a Grant from the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education

The competition on creation of conditions for training in the field of protection and commercialization of the intellectual activity results, held by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation among higher education institutions and scientific organizations was summed up. The competition committee has reviewed 75 applications.

Ural Federal University was one of the winners, evaluation of which was based on a number of criteria, including organizational support, material and technical equipment, achievements and experience of its employees and correspondence of their qualifications to the level of tasks being implemented.

“The project involves the training of Ural Federal University employees in Rospatent, and this is a long-term project. The course will be implemented in a blended full-time and part-time format. Today a number of institutes already teach disciplines related to the basics of intellectual property management. In-depth study of management, evaluation and examination of intellectual property is conducted at the department of innovation and intellectual property of Ural Federal University,” said Dmitry Shulgin, director of the Educational and Research Center of Intellectual Property.

The proposed new program is addressed, first of all, to teachers of technical disciplines, those who submit, together with active students, one or two applications for inventions a year.

“We see our task as enabling interested teachers to improve their skills in the field of intellectual property and share their skills with students, including solving technological problems”, added Dmitry Shulgin.