Ural Federal University: University’s Innovation Infrastructure Opens New Horizons


UrFU’s Innovation Infrastructure celebrates its 12th birthday. Innovators are conquering new heights, and university students have ample opportunities to deepen their knowledge and skills in the field of technological entrepreneurship.

“On our initiative, we submitted a number of applications for a competition within the large-scale federal project “University Technology Entrepreneurship Platform” which is a series of activities and formats to involve young people in technological entrepreneurship and startup development. There are the first successes: UrFU will have an “Entrepreneurial Boiling Point”, the student acceleration center “Digital Industry and New Materials” will work, and we also won the competition as “Providers of Entrepreneurial Competence Training,” said Nadezhda Terlyga, Deputy First Vice Rector of UrFU.

Trainings are practical learning activities with the use of project-game approaches, personnel evaluation technologies. Their task is to identify and develop students’ abilities to activities in the field of technological entrepreneurship, to form abilities, skills and competencies, to motivate students to work in the field of technological entrepreneurship. This is only a part of the projects that the UrFU Innovation Infrastructure has taken up this year.

Innovators of the university will also organize a contest for the best work in the field of intellectual property “Student Patent”, hold the 16th season of the UrFU Acceleration Center, take on the organization of the Ural Project Days in “Sirius” and will develop the “Startup as a Diploma” format.

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