Ural Federal University: University’s Professional Committee Will Provide Financial Assistance to Employees with Children

Employees of Ural Federal University who have children will be able to receive material support. Such measures of social support were adopted by the Presidium of the university professional committee. At a birth of one child the member of trade union can get 5 thousand rubles, twins – 10 thousand rubles. For mothers on maternity leave there is an annual payment of 4 thousand rubles.

You must pay a committee fee of 400 rubles per year to get financial support, which can be paid to the committee office. Or you can specify in the application for support that the fee be deducted from the amount you receive.

“Employees with children during the summer recreation campaign of 2022 will be partially compensated by the committee for the cost of recreation, for one child – 5 thousand rubles. If the family has a difficult financial situation, requires medical treatment expenses, an employee has many children or is a single parent, we will also provide support. If you are not a committee member, join our organization. The application form is available on our website,” said Ludmila Kuzina, acting chairman of the professional committee organization at UrFU.

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