Ural Federal University: Ural Power Engineering Institute Team Won the International Summer School

The Ural Federal University summarized the results of the first Essence International Summer School, which was held in an online format from July 5 to 28. The Ural Power Engineering Institute of Ural Federal University was the developer and organizer of the program on intellectual power engineering entirely in English.

Eighty-one students from Russia, Vietnam, France, Latvia and Slovakia, India, Sri Lanka, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Turkey and the UK joined the program. Students listened to lectures from leading professors in Europe, Vietnam, and Russia, and solved a case study on developing an intelligent energy system based on renewable energy sources.

“The case is multidisciplinary and included sections on renewable energy sources, application of machine learning algorithms for generation forecasting, Python programming, and other related electric power tasks,” said Stanislav Eroshenko, project manager at UrFU, senior lecturer at the Automated Electrical Systems Department of the Ural Power Engineering Institute.

The jury of European and Russian power companies highly appreciated the solution of the “3-In-1” team from the Ural Power Engineering Institute of UrFU. The team received the highest scores and took first place among 20 competing teams from all over the world.

“It wasn’t easy: the competition was tremendous, the level of students was quite high, and the case was complex and multidisciplinary. But we did great! It was a completely new and cool experience for us. Thanks to the program’s hosts,” said Andrey Bramm, the team’s captain and a master student at Ural Power Engineering Institute.

The school’s online format meant that a large number of participants could easily immerse themselves in the content, regardless of their time zone.

“In fact, with our European and Vietnamese partners, we developed a video course where each partner, including Russia, created their own video content and educational materials. In addition, Ural Power Engineering Institute developed and implemented its own video course on the implementation of machine learning and artificial intelligence in the electric power industry as part of the school. This is a unique and successful experience of working with foreign colleagues and the first step for the development of international online education. And of course, we are very proud of our guys and their victory at such a level,” added Stanislav Eroshenko.

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