Ural Federal University: Ural Research and Education Center Will Get Six New Laboratories

Six new youth laboratories will be created in the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, and Kurgan regions as part of the activities of the Urals Interregional Research and Education Center (UIREC) Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and Materials. The decision was taken by the Russian Ministry for Science and Higher Education who announced the results of the relevant competition.

Two laboratories will be created at Ural Federal University. These are the Laboratory of Advanced Technologies for the Integrated Processing of Mineral and Man-Made Mineral Resources of Non-Ferrous and Ferrous Metals and the Hydrogen Energy Laboratory. In addition, two laboratories will be created at institutes of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Laboratory of High-Temperature Electrochemistry of Actinides and Rare Earth Metals and Laboratory of Additive Technologies). The South Ural State University will have a Research Laboratory for Problems of Physical Chemistry and Gas Dynamics of Propulsion Systems for Reusable Launch Vehicles. The Laboratory Advanced Materials for Industry and Biomedicine will start its work in Kurgan Federal University.

Igor Manzhurov, UIREC Director for Development, notes that the amount of funding for each of the laboratories headed by young promising researchers will be 14.9 million per year for at least three years. Thus, the laboratories will receive almost 90 million rubles in 2021, and they are planned to be established as early as this year.

“The new laboratories will become centers of development of scientific thought in the regions, and this is a very important step in the development of the Ural Interregional Research and Education Center. This is an additional measure of support for the center in addition to the main grant provided from the federal budget. The question is about the state assignment for basic research related to the areas of work of the scientific and educational center. These are focused scientific researches aimed at implementation of real projects – everything is strictly based on the order of Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government Dmitry Chernyshenko. All projects have passed scientific expertise of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. It is also very important that the first financing of the projects will arrive already in 2021 – for the current year,” emphasizes Igor Manzhurov.

In his turn, Alexander Germanenko, Vice-Rector for Science at Ural Federal University, is sure that the new laboratories will speed up research in the interests of industry and the subsequent implementation of advanced developments.

“I want to thank those university employees who have done serious work to prepare applications for the Ministry of Education and Science contest. Winning the competition and the appearance of new laboratories is an indicator of the quality of our scientists’ work and the relevance and relevance of the research they conduct. This is a confirmation of the high level of qualification of our staff,” says Alexander Germanenko.

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