Ural federal university: UrFU Alumni Wins Prestigious All-Europe Metallurgy Contest

Alexander Nesmeev, a recent graduate of the Ural Federal University, was recognized as the best in Europe and Africa at the steelChallenge global online steelmaking championship. In the world standings, the TMK Pipe Metallurgical Company represented by the student, took the fourth place in the Industry category.

The rivals of Alexander Nesmeev were employees of leading metallurgical companies were employees of leading metallurgical companies from BrasiKitii, and companies from BrasiKitieria. The participants had to simulate the process of smelting steel of a given grade using online simulators of out-of-furnace processing and continuous casting on the steelUniversity portal.

“Good results demonstrated by TMK steelmakers at regional and world championships testify to the high technological level of our production facilities. This is also a natural result of the course towards human potential development, which TMK adheres to and which is actively supported by the company’s management, ”said Elena Pozolotina, Deputy General Director for Human Resources and Director of TMK2U.

According to her, this year the TMK2U corporate university for the first time organized preparation for the steelChallenge championship on its SOTA2U HR platform, which helped her colleagues hone their skills and perform at a high level.

Alexander Nesmeev is an employee of the Seversky Pipe Plant, which is part of TMK. Alexander Nesmeev has been working in the steel industry for 11 years. He is currently an expert in the field. He participates in the TMK Digital Manufacturing program, including the creation of a production planning and execution system (MES).

In January of this year, Alexander Nesmeev defended his master’s thesis and received his master’s degree in ferrous metallurgy at the Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin.

“I participated in steelChallenge because I really like the models used and wanted to test my knowledge, skills and abilities. I really hope that a successful performance will give a boost to my career. “

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