Ural federal university: UrFU and Huawei Launch an ICT Academy

The technological giant and the university signed an agreement

An authorized Huawei infocommunication academy was created on the basis of the Ural Federal University. The cooperation agreement was signed on May 13 by the Director of the Institute of Radio Electronics and Information Technologies – RTF Ilya Obabkov and Deputy General Director of Huawei Enterprise in Russia Alexander Stolyarov.

“The Urals are a very powerful source of highly qualified personnel; eminent educational institutions are located here. And we are really proud to start working with UrFU. We very much hope that cooperation in the field of training young and mature specialists, holding job fairs, organizing various competitions and internships will eventually become an additional incentive for the development of information technologies in the Urals,” said Alexander Stolyarov.

The training of students within the framework of the academy began already in this academic semester. Two trainers were trained in the course “Network Administration”, two more trainers are trained in the course “Data Storage Systems”. In total, the university in cooperation with Huawei will implement five courses, in addition to those already mentioned: “5G”, “Wireless technologies”, “Information security”.

“All courses are in great demand and need by our students and employers. Based on the needs, we chose these courses,” said Natalya Papulovskaya, head of the Huawei ICT Academy at UrFU.

In addition to educational courses, UrFU will be able to conduct hackathons, contests, as well as refresher courses for company employees. Students of all institutes of UrFU will be able to study at the courses.

“The Academy helps us to implement two important principles. Democracy – students themselves can choose which laboratory, which center they will go to as part of a special course. Competition – courses implemented with companies are always relevant and useful, because if they become less interesting, students simply will not choose them,” Ilya Obabkov emphasized.

In the future, UrFU and Huawei plan to continue and expand cooperation in the field of project education and research.

Huawei ICT Academy is an educational program that the company offers to colleges and universities around the world. The company shares with senior students, graduate students and teachers international experience in the field of information and communication technologies. Huawei specialists teach courses on IP technologies, data storage systems, cloud computing technologies, as well as a number of other relevant areas. Today, 78 such academies operate in Russia, which graduate highly qualified specialists throughout the country.

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