Ural Federal University: UrFU Biology Students Can Complete a Summer Internship in Tajikistan

The Ural Federal University, the Russian-Tajik Slavonic University, and the Tajik National University have agreed to cooperate. The universities will work on the creation of joint master’s programs, faculty professional development, and the organization of academic mobility of students. For example, Ural Federal University will train future specialists in natural sciences and mathematics from Tajikistan, while Ural Federal University students will be able to take summer internships at Slavonic University.

“The trip was very productive. Students, lecturers, and university administrators are motivated for long-term cooperation with Ural Federal University in the development of natural, exact, and mathematical sciences. The universities are waiting for Russian specialists, many students want to continue their studies in Russia. Four students from Slavonic University – a physicist, a chemist, and two biologists – have already come to our university for one semester and are studying in their respective fields. Our students are invited to practice in the Ramit State Nature Reserve of Tajikistan, where they will be able to study the species diversity of flora and fauna. This is really a great opportunity for biologists,” says Svetlana Zimnitskaya, associate professor of the Faculty of Biology and Fundamental Medicine and Director of the Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Bachelor’s Degree School.

An Agreement on the Development of Cooperation was reached through the visit of a delegation of the university to Tajikistan. It took place on March 9-12. In a few days there were held working meetings with the leadership and professors of both universities, meetings with students, familiarization with the infrastructure of educational institutions. Rector of the Russian-Tajik (Slavonic) University Tokhir Khojazoda noted that he pinned great hopes on cooperation with Russian universities in the development of master’s programs in chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics.

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