Ural Federal University: UrFU Digital Technologies Provide Interest For Partners in China

Specialists of the Engineering Center for Digital Technologies in Mechanical Engineering of the Ural Federal University organized training for specialists from the Harbin Polytechnic University. Webinars were held on modern approaches to numerical simulation of gears, analysis of noise and vibration of aircraft, as well as the use of digital twin technologies.

All the presentations involved were translated into Chinese and English, and the webinars were held in English.

“As part of the training, representatives of Harbin Polytechnic University showed interest in technologies for creating digital twins. Particular attention was paid to digital twins at the design and operation stages, as well as the use of tools for collecting and processing big data. In particular, they talked about the features and effect of the use of this technology in the design of new products using previous operating experience,” said Alexander Likhachev, head of the digital transformation department at the UrFU Engineering Center.

The purpose of the webinars is to familiarize colleagues from China with the main approaches to solving technological problems based on the experience of the Engineering Center and international practice, demonstration of examples of solutions in specialized software ANSYS, SIEMENS, Beta CAE, etc.

Negotiations are underway for further collaboration in engineering for specific product systems.

The webinars have become an organic continuation of the partnership between universities. This is already the second task that has been implemented by the Center for colleagues from China. Earlier, the order for “Modeling the deformation and vibration of the car body” was successfully completed at the end of 2020. In the course of the work, the car and its elements were examined for static strength and durability. As a result, a Model-based definition (MBD) car model and a finite element model of the semitrailer frame were created.

About the Center

The Engineering Center for Digital Technologies in Mechanical Engineering was created in 2019 on the basis of UrFU in partnership with Advance Engineering LLC and is part of the innovative infrastructure of the university. The center specializes in complex engineering and digital modeling, which helps to reduce the time for creating and testing a product. The center uses digital twin technology.

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