Ural Federal University: UrFU Is In the Top-5 Of the Most Popular Russian Universities

Ural Federal University was named one of the five most popular universities of Russia among applicants. The results of a study by Maximum Education and the Admission Navigator portal were published by RIA Novosti.

“The results of the survey showed that the most popular university among respondents is Lomonosov Moscow State University, which was named the top priority by 11% of respondents. The top-5 universities also include: St. Petersburg State University – 7%, HSE University – 7%, Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration – 6% and UrFU – 4%,” the research says.

In addition, the study showed that 69% of respondents have decided on the direction of training, and 31% admitted that they have not yet made a final decision.

“The most popular direction of preparation among respondents is “Computer and information technology” – it is a priority for 15% of respondents. The top five areas also included: “Economics and Management” – 14%, “Law” – 7%, “Education and Pedagogical Sciences” – 5%, “Mathematics and Mechanics” – 4%,” – says the report.

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