Ural Federal University: UrFU Ranks in the Top 20 Universities in Terms of Graduates Salaries in Economics

The Ural Federal University is in the top 20 universities in a new ranking by the SuperJob portal on the level of salaries for young professionals working in economics and finance who graduated from the university in 2016-2021. A total of 56 Russian universities are represented in the ranking. UrFU ranked 12th.

Average salaries of graduates in economics grew by 10 thousand rubles over the year and today amount to 80 thousand rubles per month. The average score on the Unified State Exam in 2021 among applicants for admission was 91.3.

The ranking also takes into account the proportion of graduates looking for work in the city where they studied. Graduates of Ural Federal University showed a high level of commitment to the city where they studied (77%).