Ural federal university: UrFU Scientists Will Develop a New Learning Module on Social Science

The project by UrFU’s Dr. Eduard Patrakov alongside his team won a grant from Vladimir Potanin Charity Foundation. Scholars will develop a new learning module aimed at developing soft analytical skills for sociologists, politologists, economists, and preventologists.

The concept of the module’s program is to study two intersecting trends at the regional and global levels: the first – the growth of cross-culturalism (not only in the meaning of migration, but also the difference in mentality and cultural values of different territories and different social statuses within territories, different ages) and the second – transformation labor as a social, economic and psychological phenomenon – mainly under the influence of digitalization and Industry 4.0.

The module can be included in master’s programs in HR, organizational, economic and social psychology, sociology, regional development. The multi-professional team of bidders is a strong confirmation of this.

At the end of the course the students will acquire analytical skills to descrive the cultural and value differences of employees for both scientific research and practice: professional selection, personnel audit, labor motivation, selection and placement of temporary and permanent work collectives, conflicts prevention and resolution and mediation.

The uniqueness lies precisely in the cross-cultural approach as a social capital for effective human resource management.

Format of work: the module will be recorded for online lectures and seminars. The course is supposed to be in four languages: Russian, English (speech of teachers) and translation into Spanish and Portuguese with the help of interested partners.

The New Learning Module on Social Science organized with participation of five institutions:

Universidad Central «Marta Abreu» de Las Villas – UCLV (Cuba),
U.Experience (Brasilian Higher Education Institutions’s Network),
Academic International Network – ACINNET (Ibero-America)
Association “National Institute of Certified Management Consultants”
Rostov Institute (branch) of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “All-Russian State University of Justice (RPA of the Ministry of Justice of Russia)” in Rostov-on-Don
The course will include a general part that reveals the most general features of the organization of cross-cultural research (approaches, research on values, behavioral patterns) and personnel management. Private sections will be presented in the form of workshops.

Educators will be able to publish their proposals for international research on the resource created soc-innovations.urfu.ru/speakers (see the “Pith” section, there are already laid out the initiatives of students and teachers). Based on the methodological material of the course teachers can independently supplement the course.

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