Ural federal university: UrFU’s Journal ‘Quaestio Rossica’ Is Ranked in Top-25 Among Russia’s Top Scientific Journals

The peer-reviewed scientific journal of the Ural Federal University Quaestio Rossica took the 24th position in the top 40 of the overall rating of the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) journals, which was first compiled by the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). The best editions of this rating can get government support.

“About a year ago, RAS President Alexander Sergeev and I were in the government and raised the issue of supporting journals. We were told: make a rating, we will not support all, but the best. The corresponding instruction was approved by the government apparatus, we have carried it out,” says Alexei Khokhlov, Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The criteria for evaluating journals are the Herfindahl index by publishing organizations and by citing journals, the Gini index of the distribution of the number of citations by published articles, the number of downloads of full texts, the number of views of annotations, the relative number of articles published in the journal in collaboration with members of the editorial board. The main criterion is the impact factor – the average citation of an article over two years in journals included in the RSCI, WoS and Scopus databases. In total, when compiling the rating, the indicators of almost 800 journals were taken into account, 777 of which were included in the thematic and general ratings of the RSCI.

About Quastio Rossica

Quaestio Rossica is a peer-reviewed scientific journal of UrFU that publishes the results of research in the field of history, philology and culture of Russia. The magazine is published four times a year. Articles are published in Russian, English, German and French.

Quaestio Rossica is indexed in the Web of Science (Arts and Humanities Citation Index) and Scopus, as well as in the RSCI, Russian Science Citation Index and a number of other international databases. It is included in the first quartile in the directions “History”, “Literature and Theory of Literature”, “Visual Arts”. In addition, the journal is included in the second quartile in the areas of “Linguistics and Language”, “Culturology”.