Ural Federal University: Valery Falkov: “The University Campus Is the Dominant Urban Space”

Valery Falkov, Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, sets the task of creating world-class university campuses. The quality of higher education and its efficiency depend on the conditions in which those for whom universities and research institutes exist.

“In the twentieth century, the student was a guest at the university: come-take-go. Today we proclaim a different principle: the university is a place that works 24/7 for the student. That means that the university should be built in such a way that he feels comfortable there,” said Valery Falkov.

According to the Minister, the creation of university campuses should improve the quality of education, so that every student could develop his or her talents. A modern campus is a part of the urban infrastructure that attracts young people from all over the world to the regions, and creating conditions for creative and scientific activities is the main factor in preserving human capital in the regions.

The federal program will provide a new campus for the Ural Federal University. The campus project won a federal competition and was approved by the Russian government. It includes educational buildings for the specialized training and research center of UrFU, as well as infrastructure for project-based training of students in the fields of IT, economics, and management.

“The infrastructure of the specialized training and research center will be organically integrated into the university campus. This enhances the contact between the Lyceum students and the academics, faculty and students of the university. In addition, with the new dormitory we will be able to accommodate more talented high school students not only from all over the Sverdlovsk region, but also from other regions of Russia and countries of near abroad,” said Victor Koksharov, Rector of UrFU.

As a reminder, the new campus will be built in the Novokoltsovsky District and will complement the infrastructure of the FISU World University Summer Games 2023 in Ekaterinburg: dormitories, a number of sports facilities, multipurpose and medical centers will be turned over to the university after the competitions are over.

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