Ural Federal University: Vladimir Tretyakov’s Endowment Reached 3 Million Rubles

The size of the endowment of the former rector of Ural State University (now Ural Federal University) Vladimir Tretyakov in the endowment fund of the university reached 3 million rubles. This is the minimum required for the fund to be registered and start bringing in income. This amount was raised in less than a year.

The fund was established after the death of Professor Tretyakov in January 2021 on the initiative of the family and with the support of the leadership of the Ural Federal University, as well as representatives of the Mathematical Community of the Urals.

The proceeds from the endowment will be used to reward the best graduate Masters in “Applied Mathematics and Mechanics” and “Computer and Information Sciences” at Ural Federal University’s Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

“Matmech is Vladimir Evgenievich’s alma mater. We believe that there are enough young people at the department who are enthusiastic about mathematics and computer science and who need support for their initiatives,” pointed out the professor’s relatives.

Major capital contributions were made by university graduates Konstantin Sharipov, general director of “Sharp Developers” LLC, and its technical director Maxim Berdyugin, as well as the former financial director of the companies Ozon, M-Video and concern “Kalina” Oleg Lunin and many others.

The trustees of the endowment are members of Vladimir Tretyakov’s family. The Board of Trustees also includes Victor Koksharov, rector of Ural Federal University, and Dmitry Bugrov, first vice-rector of the university; Sergey Rogozhin, director of the Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at Ural Federal University.

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