Ural Federal University: World University Games Will Help Promote Science and Volunteerism

Three FISU programs will form the basis of the intangible cultural heritage of the 2023 World University Games in Ekaterinburg. The organization of the games will contribute to the development of volunteerism, science and educational activities in the region. Ural Federal University will be an active participant in the comprehensive program.

“The Volunteer Center of Ural Federal University is preparing to compete for the right to become the main operator of the Universiade volunteer program. It’s an opportunity for us to prepare a training and support program for all the volunteers of the competitions, involve over 6,000 volunteers from Ekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk Region,” said Dmitry Loevsky, Deputy First Vice Rector of Ural Federal University.

It is expected that about 11,000 Russians will volunteer during the World University Games in Ekaterinburg – about 600 more will come from abroad. During the panel discussion on the organization of the World University Games, Dmitry Loevsky announced that Ural Federal University is prepared to house approximately 5,000 volunteers in the university’s dormitories during the Games.

In September 2021, the educational program of the Games will begin. It will include three large-scale educational programs to promote university sports, training sports interpreters and sports correspondents.

In August 2023, UrFU will also host the FISU World Science Conference. Its theme will be “Sport as a Universal Language that Unites the World”. It will be an integral part of the Games and will be an expert platform for the presentation of topical scientific research and will help to strengthen the social role of culture and sports. Scientists from the Ural Federal University Institute of Physical Culture, Sports and Youth Policy will present their projects.

“We expect that the intangible heritage program will strengthen the recognition of Ural Federal University and help attract talented Russian and international applicants to the Sverdlovsk region. And the scientific conference will be a good reason for Ural Federal University scientists to collaborate with foreign researchers,” said Dmitry Loevsky.

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