Ural federal university: Young Boris Yeltsin during his years of studying at Ural Polytechnic Institute (now UrFU). Photo: Presidential family archives.

The cornerstone political leader of the tumultuous 1990s in Russia was born in Butka village nearby nowadays Yekaterinburg on February 1, 1931. The World differently estimates Mr. Yeltsin’s impact on Russia’s freedom values and changes he brought during his two cadencies as the President of Russia – from the new Constitution, to the new international look of the country in the 1990s.

Though his figure may be at times associated emotionally by folks here, still his legacy is the country we all live in now.

We are President Yeltsin’s alma-mater. Ural Federal University proudly carries President Yeltsin’s name and is greateful to the Boris Yeltsin Foundation, especially to its president – the former First Lady Naina Yeltsina.

Come and see the exhibition at the UrFU Museum! Also, our great partners in Yekaterinburg – Президентский центр Бориса Ельцина (Yeltsin Presidential Center) – have prepared an extensive and ultra-modern installation on all aspects of the first President’s life and the era he lived and worked in. We strongly recommend you visit their museum exhibition the next two weekends!