Ural Federal University: Young Scientist of the University won the award “For Fidelity to Science”

Aleksandr Ivanov, leading engineer of the Ural Federal University Institute of Physics and Technology, received the second degree diploma of the All-Russian Prize “For Fidelity to Science” for the popularization of the nuclear industry. The award ceremony took place at the Kremlin Palace.

“I stated in a special nomination with Rosatom three videos published on the YouTube channel “Chemistry is Easy”. They explain in accessible language the myths about radiation, introduce the main processes in nuclear power, tell how to see the effects of ionizing radiation on various objects with the help of instruments. These videos have been viewed more than 500,000 times on the platform,” said Alexander Ivanov.

Aleksandr created his YouTube channel “Chemistry is Easy” seven years ago and has more than half a million subscribers. In his popular videos the scientist shows that atomic energy cannot live only on physics, it is tightly connected with chemistry. Aleksandr Ivanov also anchors the “Nauka 2.0” TV channel.

More than 700 applications were submitted in 15 categories of the competition “For Fidelity to Science” – 2,5 times more than last year. The award is part of the national project “Science and Universities.”

“In the Year of Science and Technology, the issue of popularizing the field of research and development has become one of the leading ones. It is important that major technology companies and employers are paying attention to the award: Roscosmos and Rosatom have established new nominations for popularizing the space and nuclear industries. Today, the noble work of those who tell us about new technologies, innovative projects, the latest discoveries and make science accessible and understandable is marked at the highest level,” said the head of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia Valery Falkov.

Annual prizes are awarded for outstanding contribution of Russian representatives of science and technology to the development and popularization of medicine, culture, education, industry, energy and other sectors of society.

Ural Federal University is one of the leading universities in Russia that celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2020. UrFU is located in Yekaterinburg, the capital of the World Summer Student Games 2023. The University has initiated the establishment of the Ural Interregional Research and Education Center — ‘Advanced Industrial Technologies and Materials’ and is its project office designed for solving tasks of “Science” National Project.​​