Ural Federal University: Young Scientist Suggested Studying the History of Russia with the Help of Quests

Rustami Sukhrob, an assistant professor in the Department of Theory and History of International Relations at Ural Federal University, offered to study Russian history through quests. He presented the project idea during the International Summer School of History for undergraduate and graduate students. The project won the competition, funding will be allocated for its implementation, and Rustami Suhrob will receive a monthly scholarship of 20 thousand rubles from the Russian Historical Society for a year.

“I proposed the idea, the team supported it, and we made it to the finals. I am very happy and proud that our project was accepted. When we worked on the project, it was explained to us that it should be implemented and not remain just an idea on paper. We drew up a plan, calculated the costs, thought about everything a few steps ahead, and won. The Russian Historical Society will help implement it; we will be contacted for discussions and we will most likely start in October”, says Rustami Sukhrob.

The goal of the project is to introduce students from other countries to Russian history through quests.

“We already have three or four plots for team games. For example, “Peter the Great”, “The Family of the Septemberists”. For each task there is a QR code with audio, video or text information. The participants will need to find the “keys” both inside the university and in museums, in open spaces. The first stage of the quests will take place at universities. Each team member will organize a quest at his own university: I will be at UrFU, and my colleagues will be in Tomsk, Kazan, and other cities. Then we will expand the geography”, – explains the young scientist.

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