Urban Company Introduces Unlimited Mental Health Leave Policy for Employees

Delhi: Urban Company (formerly UrbanClap) – India and the UAE’s largest tech-enabled home services company, has today launched an industry-first initiative by announcing its Mental Health Leave Policy, ahead of the World Mental Health Day.

Under this employee-centric initiative, employees will be allowed to take unlimited sick leaves in case they are suffering from any form of mental or physical illness, particularly if the patient has contracted COVID 19.

In addition to the leave policy, Urban Company is making some of the top psychologists of the country accessible to its employees by partnering with the leading mental wellness platform, iWill. Any employee who wants to avail the service would have to register on iWill, and thereafter, would be connected with a leading psychologist who will address the psychological challenges faced by the employee. The complete consultation would be paid by the company.

Suhail Vadgaokar, Director HR at Urban Company, said “These are anxiety-prone and sensitive times. Mental Health is one aspect of human well-being about which people have very little understanding in not only identifying the symptoms but also in helping another person suffering from it. Mental health treatment and psychological consultations continue to be expensive. Therefore through such initiatives, Urban Company is not only trying to foster employee health and but also create an environment where people feel safe to talk about mental health issues”

The company has already implemented various employee well-being friendly policies in the past six months, which include optional work-from-home till December 31st, five additional privileged leaves have been granted, no internal meetings are scheduled on Wednesdays, buddy system has been implemented for those living alone in the city; the company follows silence hours and encourages employees to take personal time off from work.

“We are trying to make a difference in society by creating avenues where mental health challenges can be addressed and resolved” Suhail added.