US can learn from India, avers US Senators on their visit to Amity University

 New Delhi: Cementing deeper ties with India and to explore and open new avenues of collaboration, a group of Senators from New York visited Amity University, Noida campus. The group of officials congratulated Amity University on their unique model of offering comprehensive education and preparing students for the jobs that are available, which they could emulate in the United States.

Post visiting various campuses of Amity for high-level strategic discussions and to get the first hand information on the rapid growth and immense success of Amity, the senators expressed their delight and will to establish newer educational ties with the growing expanse of Amity institutions.

Senator John Chun-Yah Liu, Chairman of New York City Education Committee in his special meeting at Amity shared how education is the most important goal of New York State and City government and how education is something that brings people from different natures together. “This is the reason why we are here at Amity as it is about to create a huge presence in New York and we welcome that. Amity has made a mark in the field of education not only in India but in a number of other countries as well,” shared Senator John Chun-Yah Liu.

Senator Kevin Thomas, Chairman of Committee on Consumer Protection and the first Indian-American to serve in the Empire State’s Senate called the trip as historic and also hailed the special time in the present world where S.T.E.M. education is given so much attention. “If you look at Amity University’s model, the US has nothing what Amity University is doing here. And when Indians come to the US, they come with a certain level of skill and that is because of the education system in India. There is so much one can learn from the US but there’s also so much the US can learn from India, and this model of education is the key. I would like to thank Amity University for leading in this way,” said Senator Thomas.

Senator Kevin Sonie Parker shared that he and his colleagues would use this visit to Amity as a springboard and partner with the institute when they get back to the United States. The delegation also expressed their desire to emulate the model at Amity in the United States and have a global partner to understand the rigour and quality being provided here to improve the level of education in the US.

Calling the visit of the senior delegation of US senators as historic, Dr. Aseem Chauhan, Chancellor, Amity University, shared his delight in welcoming the visitors and offering them an insight into the model of education Amity is offering. “The delegation has come with the thought of building bridges, learning more about India and Amity and imparting their views and ideas to what we can do together to make a more vibrant and global community,” shared Dr Chauhan.

Amity University has established its Global Campus in New York, USA and also has extensive plans to expand the scope and activities that are envisaged to take place there and make the Long Island campus a hub of research and innovation. Also present on the occasion were Amol Chauhan, Senior Vice President at Amity Capital Ventures, Deans and head of the Institutions of various departments of Amity University along with senior faculty members.