US has now most confirmed coronavirus cases in world

New Delhi: In the United States, according to data compiled by Worldometer, over 16,000 confirmed cases were reported in a single day yesterday, making the total number of COVID-19 patients to 85,088, the highest for any country. The United States surpassed China (81,285) and Italy (80,589) in terms of number of people infected with the novel coronavirus.

A week ago, the number of confirmed cases were 8,000. It has dangerously surged 10 times in the span of a week. With at least 263 deaths, the US reported most number of fatalities on a single day. At least 1,290 Americans have died due to coronavirus so far.

Dr Deborah Brix, coordinator for the White House Coronavirus Task
Force assured Americans that there is no shortage of essential medical supplies including ventilators and ICU beds.