US to donate ventilators to India: Preident Donald Trump

United States President Donald Trump has announced on his twitter-handle that the US will donate ventilators to India. He also underlined the close partnership between the two countries and called Prime Minister Narendra Modi his good friend.

President Trump said, the US and India are cooperating to develop a vaccine for COVID-19. He added, the US stands with India and Prime Minister Modi during this pandemic and together will beat the invisible enemy. He recognized Indian-Americans as great scientists and researchers, who are contributing in the development of Corona virus vaccine. He said, a COVID-19 vaccine would likely be available by the end of the year. Mr Trump announced appointing former head of vaccines at GlaxoSmithKline to spearhead the vaccine development effort.

At Trump’s request, India had last month allowed the export of 50 million Hydroxychloroquine tablets to treat COVID-19 patients in America, the country worst hit by the pandemic.