USC Viterbi School of Engineering Rolls Out New, Free Learning Modules for Enrolled Students and Recent Grads

New Delhi: The USC Viterbi School of Engineering, among the most recognized schools for innovation in education and research, is rolling out free, online learning modules.

The initiative, known as “Viterbi All Access” is aimed at providing current USC Viterbi engineering students as well as May 2020 USC Viterbi graduates with additional professional development opportunities. These supplemental, online training modules are comprised of newly developed content by USC Viterbi faculty in a variety of subject areas. The modules, set to be available online on June 1, 2020, will deliver content asynchronously and on demand.

These short courses will build on the School’s almost 50-year history of distance education. “We have the experience of delivering over 40 online degree programs to students all over the world. Through this initiative, we aim to leverage our technical capabilities to support our students’ and graduates’ life-long learning and career advancement,” said Viterbi Senior Associate Dean, Kelly Goulis.

Modules offered will focus on topics such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, neural networks, cryptography and data sciences, encompassing a variety of computer science areas. In addition, students can access modules that leverage Wikipedia to learn writing and communication for non-technical audiences. The Viterbi School has been ranked by US News and World Report as the top program in graduate, online computer science in the last eight consecutive years.

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