Using video conferencing systems for organizing distance learning

A group of PetrSU teachers have started training under the additional professional advanced training program “Using video-conference communication systems for organizing distance learning”.

On February 17, 2021, at the faculty of advanced training and professional retraining of PetrSU, the training of another group of teachers of educational institutions of PetrSU began on the additional professional advanced training program “Using video-conferencing systems for organizing distance learning” online.

The purpose of the program is to improve the qualifications of the teaching staff in the use of video-conferencing systems for distance learning, to study a new format for conducting training sessions using modern software. Training takes place online. The program is carried out in the mode of network interaction of specialists from the Regional Center for New Information Technologies of PetrSU, the Department of Electronic Educational Resources of the Educational and Methodological Administration of PetrSU and the Faculty of Advanced Studies and Professional Retraining of PetrSU.

Classes for students are conducted by: Director of the Center for Artificial Intelligence of PetrSU Marakhtanov Aleksey Georgievich (“Formation of the digital environment of PetrSU”); Tatyana Aleksandrovna Kirillova, Lead Programmer of the Department of Scientific and Educational Resources of the RCNIT PetrSU (“Main platforms of DO”, “Electronic portfolio of a student at PetrSU”, “Conducting classes using the BigBlueButton service”); Solntseva Ekaterina Gennadievna, leading programmer of the department of technical maintenance of computer equipment and corporate network of the RCNIT (“Conducting classes using the ZOOM service”); Head of the Department of Scientific and Educational Resources of the RCNIT PetrSU Khrustaleva Natalya Vladimirovna (analysis of students’ cases on conducting classes on the ZOOM platform).

In the learning process, students will receive innovative theoretical and practical knowledge about the methods of conducting online classes and an understanding of the technical and technological features of their application in educational activities; will get acquainted with BigBlueButton, Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teаms software and the specifics of organizing educational activities using video conferencing systems; will learn to use and apply the studied methodology in conducting video-conference calls, control the attention of listeners when submitting video materials, and also learn how the teacher works with the information system “Electronic Portfolios of PetrSU Students”.

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