USP students initiative offers free consultancy to third sector organizations

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are experiencing difficulties and need management assistance can count on a free consultation from Poli Social , a non-profit association formed by students from USP’s Polytechnic School (Poli). The process that will start in 2021 includes identifying the difficulties that the NGO is facing, understanding about the institution’s daily life and planning actions that result in improvements in structuring, external communication, fundraising, among other areas.

The initiative is valid for NGOs based or active in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo who must register by January 29 through the online form on the Internet. In addition, it is necessary that the NGO is non-profit, philanthropic and does not participate in another similar consultancy project. All details of the announcement are available at this link .

The consultancy project lasts for one year and during the process some data are requested, treated in a confidential manner, such as bylaws, balance sheet and statement of income for the year. An interview is also carried out, in February or March, in order to gather more information about the institution, its current demands, main problems that they may be facing and their vision and objectives for the future; know the activities performed; present the consultancy project carried out by Poli Social; in addition to answering questions and aligning motivations, rights and duties.

After the interviews, the Poli Social team will choose the institutions that will receive the consultancy project in 2021. The confirmation for the organizations will take place until April 20th. Organizations will be chosen according to the commitment and availability criteria; openness to new proposals; current situation and difficulties of the organization; impact of the consultancy project for the NGO; and impact of the consultancy project for Poli Social.

Since 2014, Poli Social has provided strategic management consulting to third sector organizations and projects have already been carried out with 23 NGOs from different areas of activity. Even if they are not selected, all registered organizations are part of Poli Social’s contact database and can be contacted as new activities emerge.