USTC: 2021 Opening Ceremony of USTC Comes

On the morning of September 1, the 2021 opening ceremony for freshmen was held at the Eastern Conference Hall of the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). University leaders, deans from all the schools, and freshmen witnessed the ceremony together. FU Yao, Deputy Secretary of USTC Party Commitment, presided over the ceremony.

Inside the hall, all the new students sat in a neat formation, waiting for the exciting ceremony to begin. All the university leaders as well as deans from all the schools sat on the rostrum.

At roughly 9 a.m., the opening ceremony officially started. The first part was flag-passing, during which time the school flag was slowly handed over the freshmen’s squad, with the melody of the school song being played as background music. The host introduced attendees of the ceremony, and afterwards, the whole audience stood up and sang the national anthem of the People’s Republic of China.

In the warm applause, BAO Xinhe, President of USTC, addressed a significant speech, extending his ardent expectations to the new students.

In the speech, he presented three main expectations to all the new students. Initially, he hoped that all the new USTCers would be brave enough to shoulder responsibility, stay true to their original aspiration and keep their homeland in mind. Then, he expected that all the new USTCers would practice their skills hard and become the people who are committed to struggle and dare to explore. Lastly, he wanted all the new USTCers to embrace the new era, be open and be inclusive.

“I hope that you will keep the General Secretary’s instructions in mind, and on the road to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, hold the flag, forge ahead, strive to be the vanguard force of a powerful scientific and technological country, and put the red flag on the peak of science.” BAO eventually said.

LU Chaoyang, teachers’ representative, shared his inspiration of being a USTCer. He said that being industrious is the characteristic of USTC, embracing obligation with passion is the hallmark of USTC, and serving the country through science and education is the mission and responsibility of USTC.

After that, LU Yu, an alumnus of USTC, gave all the freshmen some practical suggestions according to his own studying and working experiences in this school. Then the old class representative ZHOU Cong and freshman representative LIU Lizhuo shared some experiences and expectations respectively.

The last activity was that all the teachers and students stood up and sang USTC’s school song, The Eternal East Wind. The ceremony ended amid the applause of everyone.

From today on, all the freshmen will become protagonists of USTC and spend a four-year college study and lifetime here. As the youngest generation of this school, they will strive to fulfill the motto “be patriotic and professional while integrating theory with practice” through their own experiences. USTC wishes a promising future for all the new students.