USTC: Delighting Sports competition for Female staff- How USTC Celebrated International Women’s Day

In the afternoon of March 8th, the International Women’s Day, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) labor union organized sports competition on the playground at eastern campus to celebrate this glory festival. More than 900 female staff members participated in it and enjoyed the entertaining projects the labor union have prepared.

Before games began, ZHOU Congzhao, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and vice president of USTC, delivered an opening speech and extended warm greetings to all female faculty on behalf of USTC. He thanked all the female staff for playing important roles in teaching, scientific research, management, and logistics on campus. And expressed his wishes that they continue to work hard and show women power in the thriving of USTC.

Afterwards, contestants began to do warm-up exercises. As applause raised, the game announced its opening. There are 4 events in the competition: one-minute sit-ups, toss run, frisbee throwing and one-minute skipping rope. Participants tried their best to accomplish the projects while enjoying a sunny afternoon with their female coworkers. Cheers and laughter came one after another, everyone enjoyed the festival to the fullest, pushing the atmosphere to a climax.

This competition has not only relieved working pressure of female faculty on this special day, but also enhanced friendship and unity among them. What’s more, it showed the figure of passionate and courageous staff of USTC who are displaying their women power.