USTC: Dr. ZHANG Jie visits the Forum of Great Minds

On September 7th 2021, Dr. ZHANG Jie, academician of The National Academy of Engineering, was invited by the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) to give a lecture on the theme of “Managing High-Tech Industries”. The lecture was held at International Institute of Finance and hosted by ZHOU Zhengkai, the vice-president of the International Institute of Finance.

Before the lecture, ZHOU firstly expressed warm and heartfelt welcome to Dr. ZHANG, and introduced his research field and entrepreneurial experiences. He encouraged the attendees to learn from ZHANG and serve economic and social development with scientific and technological innovation. Afterwards, WANG Chen, vice Minister of International Cooperation Office, presented Dr. ZHANG with “Forum of Great Minds” certificate.

Using a set of data, Dr. ZHANG clearly showed the development and future development focus of the technology industry and sharply pointed out the characteristics of it. When it comes to the problems that may be encountered in managing high-tech industry, he explained in detail around seven key words including the reasons for technology entrepreneurship, core issues of technology entrepreneurship, misconceptions of doctoral entrepreneurship, definition of business leaders, and technological achievements that can be transformed.

In the interactive session of “Dialogue with Great Minds”, the audience actively asked questions and sought advices on their own problems. Dr. ZHANG gave guiding advice one by one.

Dr. ZHANG, is a Chair Professor of the School of Earth and Space Sciences and an Adjunct Professor of the School of Life Sciences at USTC. He has long been engaged in scientific research and industrial transformation in the fields of geophysical exploration, earthquake monitoring, medical imaging, and biomedicine.