USTC: Traditional Huangmei Opera Encounters USTC

Amidst the breeze of autumn, the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) embraces a feast of Huangmei Opera Nv Fu Ma, brought by Anqing Zaifen Huangmei Opera Theater (AZHOT). On October 17th by nightfall, teachers and students immersed themselves in this traditional form of art long welcomed in China at the Eastern Conference hall.

As a classic piece of Huangmei Opera, Nv Fu Ma, literally meaning “a princess’ female bridegroom”, tells an enchanting story of a woman risking her own life to seek pardon for her love, by disguising herself as a man. The time-honored opera AZHOT brought has been elaborately modified, adding a modern touch to the traditional art form.

The show started with AZHOT’s vice-president MA Zijun briefing on the development of Huangmei Opera, and even chanting a few verses himself. Representatives from USTC and AZHOT exchanged presents afterwards. Not long after were the curtains drawn back and the glares turned off, and a familiar yet refreshing legend unfolded upon the audience.

Heavenly voices echoed through the auditorium, the audience laughed and cried with the ravishing visuals and remarkable storytelling. Hours fled quickly amidst the spotlights, and by the end there was much rejoicing.

The stage lights flickered and the curtains enclosed, and such a charming ride soon came to an end. The show brought forth artistic understandings into the hearts of USTCers, and contributed in reviving Chinese heritage and spreading domestic culture for all.