USTC: USTC Holds Foreign Experts New Year Concert

On the evening of December 29, 2021, Foreign Experts New Year Concert was held at the International College in the east campus of the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). Principal BAO Xinhe and vice-principal DU Jiangfeng attended the concert. Over forty overseas scholars and their families from 17 countries, leaders from several departments of departments, and volunteer students participated as well.

The concert kicked off with elegant piano music. BAO Xinhe extended New Year wishes to all, and expressed his gladness to be together with international scholars and friends to appreciate wonderful performances and to share the joy of the coming year.

He said that “the sea admits hundreds of rivers for its capacity to hold”, and USTC has stayed committed to building a talent center and forging an innovation-driven technology highland. During the past 2021, international cooperation faced numerous challenges due to the impact of the pandemic. Thanks to the staff and students’ efforts, USTC has embarked on a new path towards international cooperation and promoted a new model of international communication. In the coming year 2022, it is hoped that all of USTCers will uphold USTC spirit, continue to move forward courageously, and work together to build a more innovative and international university.

Later, two representatives, Dr. Jinxaing Low (Malaysian associate researcher) and Tengchuan Jin (American, winner of “Huangshan Friendship Award”) shared their research and work experiences in USTC.

In the first half, Aiyue Association and Symphony Orchestra jointly performed Mozart symphony and Berrio violin. Students’ National Orchestra brought a duet of Chinese classical music “Blessings of Love” and a guqin performance of “Guanshanyue”. The students’ choir performed three songs in the Acappella way. International scholars were deeply immersed in the beautiful music feast, and spoke highly of the confident and energetic USTC young.

During the interaction, three lucky guests were invited to the stage and presented talent shows and expressed New Year wishes for all. Everyone was absorbed in the pleasant and warm time.

In the second half, the Historical and Cultural Association and Dance Club respectively brought a classic Han clothes show, Kazakh dance “Black Horse” and Tibetan dance “Dolma”, which fully demonstrated gorgeous costumes of the Chinese nation and the folk custom of ethnic minorities. The visual feast conveyed the broad, profound and diverse Chinese culture to international friends.

Lauréline Claeys, a French teacher in “Sino-French Class”, brought two of her original French songs “Eos l’amoureuse” and “Partir”. The poetic lyrics endowed the songs with a unique French atmosphere. Student ZHANG Hanzhi sang “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”. With the song solo by teachers and students, the atmosphere reached a climax.

Finally, the concert ended in a chorus of “Friendship Forever”, sung by all the guests, international scholars, students, and volunteers, which eulogized friendships across countries delivered expectations to the new year.