UTMN: Arabic language days held at UTMN

UTMN students took part in the event dedicated to the Days of the Arabic Language. It was organized by the Assosiation of foreign students.
The participants completed a quest consisting of eight stations, each of which represented the Arab state: Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Sudan, Algeria, Yemen and Egypt. They solved historical riddles, analyzed Arabic films excerpts, discussed ancient languages, and after completing the tasks received symbolic prizes.

At the end of the program, the audience was able to immerse themselves in unique atmosphere: they enjoyed the Dabke and Saidi folk dances, listened to the Jordanian rock song “Metro” and watched other bright perfomances.

Ksenina Zelenina, UTMN student of Regional Studies said that she had learned a lot of new useful facts about the East and thanked for the opportunity to meet friends from different countries, as well as try on national clothes.

It should be added that about a hundred people study Arabic at the University of Tyumen. There is also an Arab Center, that is aimed at attracting applicants from abroad, adapting students and specialists who came to study and work at UTMN, and coordinating joint research projects.

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